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Kansas City Wood Floor Refinishing

Restore The "Warm and Welcoming" To Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors look great but caring for them can be hard work. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the surface and eventually get trapped in the subtle grains of the wood. Many over-the-counter chemical cleaners are unsuitable for use on hardwood flooring, because they can lead to additional chemical build-up on your floor. If this build-up is not cleaned off properly, excess dirt will stick to your floor and gradually become abrasive, causing serious damage to the wood. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that you get your wood flooring thoroughly cleaned and recoated by an experienced professional.

Our wood floor cleaning and recoating process is designed to rid your floor of dirt and grime and restore it to its former beauty and elegance. Our safe and effective cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions are specially designed to remove impurities from hardwood flooring without causing any damage or build-up.

In some cases, your floor may need to be stripped as part of the process. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, we can apply a professional wood floor refinishing product.

Not All Hardwood Refinishing Is The Same

Even the highest-quality wood floors can take a beating over time, losing their rich luster through constant wear, developing scratches and stains. But AICAD Services can fix all that.

We understand that your hardwood flooring is a significant investment and deserves the very best workmanship and care. Whether you need to have your floors installed, maintained, repaired, or sealed, you can trust our knowledgeable team to get the job done right.

Why Have Your Wood Floors Sanded & Refinished?

  • The walk areas look worn, dull or thin compared to other areas
  • There are scratches or marks from furniture or things tracked or dragged across the floor- chairs, heavy furniture, toys, even high heels
  • The scratches or gouges feel deep, gaping or through the finish
  • There is evidence of pet damage- urine marks, nail scratches, chewing
  • You can see dark water marks, rings or black areas on the boards, say from plants, water leaks from leaky windows, appliance failure,or sink overflow, etc.
  • Milky or cloudy patches are seen on the floor, or pealing or blistering of areas in the finish
  • Direct sun-lit areas show fading. There may be a visible difference when area rugs are removed from the floor
  • Polish or popular over-the-counter coatings have been used on the floors, or there are areas of furniture polish over-spray
  • Boards are damaged, missing, split, cupped or curled
  • “Vintage,” old-outdated wood when you are looking for an updated “fresh” look

If you have any of these issues, it's time to refinish. Let AICAD Services restore your floors to their original welcome-home, walk-on-me-barefoot appeal.

Quality and Service

Our team is committed to quality work and excellent customer service above all else. Our goal is to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. No matter what type of hardwood flooring service you’re looking for, you can rest assured that we have the tools and skills to serve your needs.

AICAD Services is a full service, licensed and insured specialty cleaning and restoration company. For a free estimate of cleaning and refinishing services for your hardwood floors, contact us today!