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Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo Cleaning, Polishing

Imagine doing away with the constant cycle of stripping and waxing your terrazzo floors. Or having your floors protected from heavy traffic... or enjoying the peace of mind that can come with increased slip resistance. At AICAD Services, we don't just offer cleaning, we offer solutions.

Eliminating the Perpetual Need for Stripping and Waxing

It is often the practice to coat or wax terrazzo to achieve a polished look, but these coatings have a tendency to yellow and collect dirt and must be repeatedly stripped and reapplied. We find this coating process to be not only time-consuming and costly, but also unnecessary. Using the same process used to restore marble and other natural stone, terrazzo can be honed and polished to achieve both glossy and matte finishes without the need for coatings. This same process can masterfully restore scratched and worn terrazzo to like-new condition, as well.

Sealing Terrazzo

It is important to note that sealing is not the same as coating or waxing and is an important, but simple measure that can be taken to help prevent staining once the terrazzo has been restored and thoroughly cleaned.

Terrazzo Crack & Chip Repair

Like any other surface that sees traffic and use, terrazzo can become chipped and cracked. Our technicians are often able to seamlessly repair this type of damage and restore your terrazzo to its original gorgeous and durable state.

Proper Care

At AICAD Services, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your terrazzo. We can recommend care products safe for terrazzo to help you keep your home or business looking great. We also provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program, upon request.

For a free estimate on terrazzo floor repair, honing and polishing, sealing, and other terrazzo services, contact us online or call  (876) 407-8842 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, or (347) 832-4223 in New York City, New York.