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You deserve stunning floors

Floors. We walk across them across them all the time but there seems to be only two times when we really notice them: when they’re brand new and breathtaking, and when they’re… well, really just not. Janitorial and cleaning companies are valuable for day to day care of floors, but sometimes specialized services may also be necessary to get kind of care and maintenance your floor truly needs.

Heavy foot traffic can cause dullness. Pets and kids track in dirt and grit. People spill drinks that turn into etches and stains. Chips, cracks, and scratches happen when heavy objects are dropped or when furniture is moved. AICAD Services can resolve these problems, restore your floors, and help you keep them looking gorgeous all the time.

Natural Stone

Your natural stone floor, be it granite, marble and limestone, travertine, slate or other stone, will inevitably show wear over time, but AICAD Services can give your stone back its original 'wow!' appearance. Some of our services include leveling uneven tiles (industry pros call this lippage removal), cleaning to remove embedded dirt and grime, sealing to inhibit staining, and stain removal. We use floor machines with diamond pads that hone away etches (often mistaken for "water rings" or "water spots") and scratches. Our highly trained technicians can replace damaged tiles and perform precision repairs using tinted epoxy and other materials to closely blend the repaired area with the surrounding stone. We can also refinish your floor by honing and polishing it to a beautiful matte, glossy, or custom finish. To learn more, visit our Natural Stone Services page.

Tile and Grout

Often, dirty grout lines give the entire floor an unappealing appearance and odor. Unsealed grout is porous and will absorb whatever is spilled on it, including unsanitary substances and bacteria. Our equipment deep-cleans and sanitizes your tile and grout, removing contaminants that regular mopping alone can’t touch. We can then seal your grout to enhance stain resistance and make daily clean-up much easier and more effective, or we can apply grout color sealer to resolve problems with discoloration or change the color of your grout lines. Plus, grout color sealer has constant-acting mildewcides for healthier, more sanitary floors. To learn more, visit our Tile and Grout Services page.


Like natural stone, terrazzo can become chipped, cracked, etched, stained, scratched, or just develop a general dull or dirty appearance. AICAD can hone and polish your terrazzo floors to reveal the brand new surface that lies beneath so your colorful little specks of marble glisten once again. Whether terrazzo is yellowed with layer upon layer of wax build-up or looks hopeless after being buried for who knows how many years under carpet, linoleum, or tile, we can give your terrazzo a beautiful, natural polish that doesn't require stripping and continual reapplications of waxes or coatings. To learn more, visit our Terrazzo Services page.


Concrete is porous, which means it can trap dirt and contaminants. AICAD can deep clean your concrete to flush out and remove unsightly and unsanitary substances and then seal your concrete to protect the newly cleaned surface. To learn more, visit our Outdoor Hardscape Services page.


Even the highest-quality wood floors can lose their rich luster and develop scratches and stains. We provide the very best workmanship and care, using professional grade sealers and finishes to give your floor lasting beauty. To learn more, visit our Hardwood Floor Services page.

AICAD Services is a full service, licensed and insured specialty cleaning and restoration company with years of experience in making residential and commercial floors look great. For a free estimate on restoration, cleaning and maintenance services for your natural stone, tile and grout, terrazzo, hardwood, and concrete floors, contact us online or call  (876) 407-8842 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, or (347) 832-4223 in New York City, New York today!