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Professional Cleaning For Commercial and Residential Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens

When it comes to your commercial kitchen, cleaning is a complex and demanding process. There are work stations and storage areas, stoves, sinks, all kinds of appliances, expanses of floor that see constant traffic, hoods, extractor fans, ducts and more—and on top of it all you have stringent health and safety standards to meet. It's not the kind of job you entrust to just anyone.

AICAD Services understands the deep-cleaning needs of professional kitchens in general, and we will consult with you to get to know your specific needs as well. This is something we specialize in, and we take pride in doing excellent and thorough work.

We have knowledgeable expertise in deep cleaning commercial kitchens from countertops, floors, and other surfaces (metal or otherwise) right down to extractor fans, hoods, motors, ducts and more. When it comes to your commercial kitchen, we never stop at "clean enough." Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.


For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where friends and family gravitate when left to their own devices. Naturally, you want to keep this area in the best possible condition. AICAD Services is here to help.

While the kitchen in your home may not be as complex as a commercial kitchen, we bring all our commercial deep cleaning skills and expertise to bear. We also recognize that the health of your family and guests is of the utmost importance. The knowledgeable technicians at AICAD Services aren't satisfied until your kitchen is cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom, including hoods, filters and ducts.

Since we are experts with a broad array of surfaces from natural stone to metals, hardwood, and tile and grout, you can rest assured they will all come out looking their absolute best.

AICAD Services is a full service, licensed and insured cleaning and restoration company with years of experience sanitizing and deep cleaning residential and commercial kitchens. For a free estimate, contact us online or call  (876) 407-8842 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, or (347) 832-4223 in New York City, New York today!