New York, NY
Montego Bay, Jamaica


  • Etched Marble Restored

    Etched Marble Restored

    Very mild etching can sometimes be removed with a polishing powder. Deep etch removal, however, should only be accomplished by a professionally trained stone restoration contractor....

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  • Chipped Granite Repaired

    Chipped Granite Repaired

    With time and use, especially in high traffic areas, even a stone as durable as granite can show signs of wear and tear. But don't replace your granite! Professional stone restoration services....

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  • Damaged Vanity Polished

    Damaged Vanity Polished

    Professional marble honing and polishing services can transform dull, etched marble to a beautiful, stunning polish. The highly trained technicians at AICAD achieve dramatic results....

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  • Dull Marble Polished

    Dull Marble Polished

    Many people see their dull, lifeless looking marble and assume the worst, that the stone is ruined and must be replaced. Fortunately, most problems with marble, no matter how complicated, can be resolved....

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